The X-Certs 

The X-Certs at Cardiff Sophia Gardens on The Clash '16 Tons' tour

(L-R Simon Justice, Clive Arnold, Neil Mackie, Chris Bostock)



Fussing & Fighting


Album - Fussing & Fighting

Now available on CD

Clive Arnold - Vocal, Guitar Neil Mackie - Drums
Chris Bostock - Bass, Vocal Kevin Mills - Guitar
1. Together
2. Queen And Country
3. Visions Of Fate
4. Secrets
5. Stop The Fussing And Fighting
6. Slow Down - Live
7. No One Gives A Shit Any More - Live
8 .Youth Is Calling - Live
9. Frustration - Live
10. Together - Live
11. Visions Of Fate - Live
12. Untogether

Bristol Archive Records


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Bristol's music scene became especially vibrant from 1976 onwards as the city came alive with punk and post punk gigs and releases on new independant record labels. The X-Certs headlined regular performances at venues across Bristol while also supporting The Clash, The Associates, The Only Ones, The Angelic Upstarts, Pere Ubu, The Buzzcocks......The X-Certs' non-conformist punk roots quickly broadened to encompass a wider range of influences.

This new album, Fussing & Fighting showcases the X-Certs' 1979-80 period. Many new tracks can now be heard for the first time ever. The album contains all the studio recordings plus the professionally recorded climatic second half of their concert at Tiffany's - all digitally remastered.

  Rated XXX

Album - Rated XXX

Release date: 8th August 2011 on Bristol Archive Records

Vinyl LP - Limited Edition 500 Pressing with Insert plus Strictly Limited Replica CD and Download

Features the earlier line up with Simon Justice and Taff (Phil Lovering)

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Simon Justice Neil Mackie Clive Arnold Taff
  Chris Drone Simon justice



For an overview of the Bristol post punk music scene, visit the excellent Bristol Archive Records


Special thanks to Mike Darby and all at Bristol Archive Records, Steve Street, Thomas Bruman CBE, Jonathan Arthur, Martin Elbourne, Lloyd Harris, Simon Edwards, Mike Coe, Andy Whittle...


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